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The Body Bears the burden

A lifetime of stress and trauma can lead to emotional obesity



An estimated 60-80 percent of all doctor visits are related to stress and a factor in the leading cause of death of heart disease, cancer, stroke, lower respiratory disease, and accidents.

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Emotional obesity

73% of people regularly experience psychological symptoms caused by unresolved stress


Fight flight freeze

77% of people regularly experience physical symptoms caused by stress

Invest in your mental wealth

Inception represents a dynamic, new approach to mind & body alignment. Modalities are designed specifically for today’s hectic, stress-filled work styles and lifestyles.

Circuit Programs

Within 90 minutes at Inception, mental and physical functionality is improved after completing a designed Circuit Program utilizing research-based therapies that work synergistically.

Live your life with ease and peace of mind by bringing your
brain and body into alignment with the Brain and Body Circuit.

Magnesphere ORB


Start with deep relaxation to prime the body and brain for continued stress reduction and healing from injuries and ailments with Magnetic Resonance Therapy.



Experience better sleep, elevated mood, reduced anxiety, improved energy, and emotional resiliency with Brain Training.

Float Therapy Orb


Calm the central nervous system and enhance the body’s natural ability to heal with Flotation Therapy.

Effectively rejuvenate the body’s regulatory functions
and feel amazing with the System Detox Circuit.
infared sauna ORB


Start with heating the body at the cellular level to achieve optimum blood pressure, cholesterol, and proper weight by helping the body maintain proper cortisol functioning with the Infrared Sauna.

Salt Therapy ORB


Breathe in the healing powers of cool saline aerosol and optimize the respiratory system by decreasing episodes of allergies, asthma, bronchitis, and other respiratory challenges with Halo Therapy.

Lymphatic Suit ORB

Lymphatic Therapy

Support the lymphatic system and strengthen the immune system by helping rid the body of toxins and waste with Lymphatic Therapy.


mental clarity
reduced inflammation
energy and vitality
enhanced feelings of well being
improved sleep quality
emotional resiliency

IInner space is the final frontier

From NBA, NFL players to celebrities like Charlamagne Tha god join the top seekers for internal change.

Charlamagne Tha God Television Personality and Co-host of the Breakfast Club “Our brains need to go dark sometimes. It’s like how every now and then how you’ve got to reset your iPhone. You’ve got to reset your brain the same exact way.”
Kimberly Elise Actress “I did brain training and I loved it ! It was very other worldly. I High recommend it. Definitely doing more than one session, to help realign your brain to be at its ultimate potential.”
Jason Wilson Best selling author Jason Wilson, Founder & Director of the Cave of Adullam “Yes, hurt people, hurt people... but hurt people who have been healed, can heal hurt people! So I make myself, take care of myself.Inception helps me overcome the compassion fatigue I experience from sacrificially saving boys in The Cave of Adullam. I am so thankful for my friend David owner of Inception for helping me heal the trauma I’ve experienced so that I can continue to heal others.”

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