We are inner seekers continuing our journey of self-discovery, deeper levels of peace and optimal body functioning. Our belief is that everyone has a life story that involves physical and psychological injuries and are seeking relief from those injuries.

Our story began in 2006 when David McCullar, Founder and CEO of Inception, “took the road less traveled” and used brain training therapy, an alternative health modality, that profoundly reduced symptoms from stress and traumatic events.

Inception Begins

In a more relaxed and empowered state, David along with his Dad, Art McCullar, were the first to introduce brain training in Michigan. Over the years, David continued to experience life-changing effects from different alternative health modalities. With the support from David’s Mom, Tina McCullar, he conceptualized and built Inception, the First Mental Health Gym, where the innovative circuit model approach works synergistically in a calm, relaxing and safe place where the lives of inner seekers are transformed.

Circuit Training

Utilizing the circuit model, we have put our “oxygen masks” on first to breathe in a new way of thinking, behaving, and knowing that relaxation is who we really are. By taking this fresh approach to inner fitness, we have helped thousands of people across the globe put on their “oxygen masks” to experience deeper levels of relaxation and a renewed way of being.

All About Community

Sharing our experiences of a greater sense of vitality and consciousness with the community has shifted the paradigm in how people approach overcoming emotional and physical limitations.

We “took the road less traveled and it has made all the difference” –Robert Frost.

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