Superhuman Recovery: How PEMF therapy helps you heal like a badass

It’s time to start working out if you aren’t already. Fitness improves practically every aspect of your life. You’ll be happier, live longer, have better

“Dirty” Is The Secret To Living A Long, Healthy Life

Dr. Zach Bush, a medical professional with three board certifications, wants to urge you to get dirty. You have 14 quadrillion mitochondria and 1.4 quadrillion

Dirt: The Natural Antidepressant

If you suffer from depression, your therapist has undoubtedly asked you a lot of questions about your habits, but probably not this one: When was

Getting started with Meditation: Essential tips

Meditation is a powerful tool for relaxing the body and rewiring your brain. The changes come with many benefits, such as reduced stress levels or

The Science of Biohacking: How to Hack Your Gut for Optimal Health

You can’t live a long life without taking care of your gut biome. There are so many amazing benefits that come from having this healthy

The Truth About Chewing Gum and Your Health

The act of chewing gum is a surprisingly powerful way to upgrade your body and brain. It has many benefits, such as the ability to

The Science of How Meditation Helps Learning

Meditation is one of the most effective ways to improve your health and well-being. It reduces stress, boosts focus levels in order for you to

MEMORY HACKS: How to instantly upgrade your memory power

Nootropics, sometimes known as smart medications, are substances that enhance brain function. You can use them to enhance your biohacker toolkit on days when you

The Science of Slowing Down Aging: How to Hack Your Metabolism

Most people will instantly focus on weight loss when they consider metabolism. However, if you manage to properly hack your own metabolic rate (and there

Beat the Winter Blues with Red Light Therapy

Natural light is known to be beneficial to your health, but did you know it can also help you regulate your mood? In this post

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