Getting started with Meditation: Essential tips

Meditation is a powerful tool for relaxing the body and rewiring your brain. The changes come with many benefits, such as reduced stress levels or an improved sense of self-awareness.It isn’t just about sitting still and quieting your mind; it’s also an active process. Here are some ways that can help make it easier especially for beginners.

First things first — Mitochondria and Meditation. Your brain waves and neurons have an incredibly active role in getting you into the beneficial state of deep meditation, and it all starts with your mitochondria powering them. It is simpler to learn how to meditate and to enter into a meditation rhythm when your mitochondria are healthy.

Your mitochondria are powerful in the sense that they create energy for your whole body, but they’re vulnerable to less-than-optimal conditions.

To maximize what your mitochondria can do, practice these habits:

  • Stay away from junk food. Mitochondria are especially susceptible to toxins floating around inside of them which can make it difficult for these powerhouses in charge (you know, like a boss) if they don’t have enough food or time on their hands! When you eat well sourced real foods with good nutrients – guess what? Your mitochondria will be able concentrate more easily so there’s less work needed from them when facing challenges.
  • Get early morning sunlight. Artificial lights emit wavelengths that do not match the ones from sunlight, and your skin absorbs these. This can lead to damage for cells in our bodies including those of interest: Mitochondria! Early morning light on you energizes it over hours while later days bring about blue photic disruption which messes with rions during sleep time leading to no restful slumber ever again.
  • Get a good night’s rest. Mitochondria can be damaged by lack of sleep.
  • Minimize toxins. These days we are bombarded with toxins in our environment. These heavy metals and mold toxins don’t just interfere with the mitochondria – they reduce your total number of these energy factories, which can affect both performance levels as well mental clarity for future tasks at hand! Think about it this way: having extra battery packs means you have an endless supply so long as those resources last.

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