What To Expect After

What To Expect After



Common reports from clients include better sleep, less anxiety, less reactivity to stressful events, and a more positive or happy demeanor. Emotions may come and go at various times; you may also feel happy, sad, depressed, angry etc. or your body may experience some painful sensations. If these are the case, do not be alarmed. Sometimes old emotions and injuries reappear for a short time and then release at a new and deeper level. Other times the body sensations may be interesting, quiet or subtle. Always surround yourself with positive stimulus and continue to be around people that love and support you. Friends and family that are good at listening without judgment are wonderful. Counselors, therapists or life coaches can also be useful.

It is necessary to support and take care of your body. Maintain physical, exercise, massage, as well as baths and sauna. We strongly recommend that you avoid alcohol or other recreational drugs during your integration process (3 weeks to several months after your sessions).

We recommend that you do not allow anyone to brusquely manipulate your neck and body. Forceful manipulation can be shocking to the system and that could be a whole new trauma on its own. In case you experience a major or minor traumatic event like one of the following please respond quickly and contact Inception for a Circuit as soon as possible to help you get back on track to wellbeing.

  • Car accident
  • Whiplash
  • Verbal or physical altercation
  • Concussion
  • Trips or falls
  • Death of someone close
  • Illness
  • Surgery
  • School or work related stress
  • Or any physical, emotional or psychological abuse, etc.

Please pay attention to changes that even seem small or of little consequence. We recommend journaling the changes you notice, no matter how small. Also be very attentive to your body. Most times you will feel great with lots of energy, other times you may feel tired and need to sleep a lot.

You should always take into account that you have lived for many years with your brain imbalanced until now; therefore, your brain needs your active support to regenerate and form new positive patterns. You have spent a significant amount of your lifetime developing certain mental, emotional and physical patterns in your brains neural networks and body tissues that were not beneficial. Now you must develop new positive patterns with your brain balanced. Dis-ease generally does not appear overnight, thus self-healing will also take time. The regeneration and self-healing process can last several months. Please do not expect miracles overnight. INCEPTION is not a cure-all, fix-all overnight treatment. Therefore, once again be patient and gentle with yourself.

Maintenance Sessions: Every client is different and therefore will have different needs as far as the number of Circuits required to attain results. Remember that patience is required but also continued maintenance Circuits over several months to help your brain and body continue to develop and release old patterns while creating and sustaining newly formed patterns. You may choose the number of Circuits you feel is right for you. However, from our own experience we have found that these guidelines generally work best for our clients.

Four-Day Boot Camps: Some clients want to experience a greater emotional or physical impact because they are overworked, the stress of everyday life has become too much or the want to work on past unresolved trauma. The Boot Camp is an intensive four-day package that include Three IINNER RESET Circuits and a IINNER DETOX Circuit. Each circuit features different workouts with the same end goal—relaxing your brain and body, restoring healthy sleep patterns and supporting the major systems of your body.

Most clients that have completed a Four-Day Boot Camp have reported deep feelings of relaxation, better quality of sleep, and a shift into greater inner peace and ability to cope. However, a few clients have reported the need to process through unresolved grief and trauma with a mental health practitioner.

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